Hi! You’re looking nice today! Thanks for stoppin’ by!

I’m Mike Martin, a.k.a. T. Michael Martin, a.k.a. the cohost of YouTube’s “How to Adult.” My site is currently (late July 2014) undergoing an update and makeover, but in the meantime, a couple quick notices:

- As mentioned, this year, I started hosting a show called “How to Adult,” which is produced by Vlogbrothers Hank & John Green. It’s super exciting and I still can’t believe I get to do it, but don’t tell the Greens that because they are under the impression that I am One Cool Guy.

- I’m getting back into school visits after a while away. If you’d be interested in me visiting your school, please contact the wonderful Catherine Balkin at 727-378-4191 or catherine@balkinbuddies.com.

- I can’t overstate how good you’re lookin’ today. Seriously. How do you do it?

Thanks! See you soon!

- Mike